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Columbo: Columbo Likes the Nightlife (TV film)
Láska v divočine (TV film)
Real World Movie: The Lost Season, The (TV film)
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (TV seriál)
Olympia 2. Teil - Fest der Schönheit
... a rána sú tu tiché
Geroj našego vremeni (TV seriál)
I na kameňoch rastú stromy
Iz žizni Fjodora Kuzkina
Maxim Maximovič. Tamaň.
Professija - kinoakťor
Semero soldatikov
Zemlja i ljudi
Zimniej etjudy
Aunts in the Pants
Buck Benny Rides Again
Cockeyed Cavaliers
Druggist's Dilemma, The
Everything's Ducky
False Roomers
Hello Sailor
Jitters the Butler
Monty of the Mounted
Private Wives
Runaway Girls
So This Is Harris!
Sword Points
Talk of Hollywood, The
Thru Thin and Thicket
Eye, The (TV film)
Hands of the Ripper
Late Nancy Irving, The (TV film)
Midas Plague, The (TV film)
Time in Advance (TV film)
Callan (TV seriál)
Ghost Squad (TV seriál)
Gold Robbers, The (TV seriál)
Out of the Unknown (TV seriál)
Spoils of Poynton, The (TV seriál)
Wuthering Heights (TV seriál)
Junior Miss
Heartbreak Cafe, The (TV seriál)
Koralína a svet za tajnými dverami
Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions (TV film)
Autour d'une enquête
Brennendes Geheimnis
Cargaison blanche
Crise est finie, La
Dorothea Angermann
Escape from East Berlin
Grand refrain, Le
Mann, der seinen Mörder sucht, Der
Mein Vater, der Schauspieler
Mister Flow
My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Night Before the Divorce, The
Parisienne Life
Phantom Lady
Rough and the Smooth, The
Someone to Remember
Vie parisienne, La
Agente 3S3, massacro al sole
Faccia a faccia
Solo per dirti addio (TV film)
Uomo contro uomo (TV film)
Ach, tá človečina (TV film)
Horali (TV film)
Jozef Lenárt
Katera (TV film)
Krutá ľúbosť
Lúčka, na ktorej spáva vietor (TV film)
Montiho čardáš
Nájdená (TV film)
Návrat Jána Petru
Prečo Adam Chvojka vicerichtár spáva doma ? (TV film)
Putovanie do San Jaga
Rok na dedine (TV film)
Roztrhla sa hudáčkovi struna (TV film)
Rysavá jalovica (TV film)
Skleníková Venuša
Sochy Jána Kulicha (TV film)
Uzlíky nádeje (TV film)
Vianočné oblátky (TV film)
Zrelá mladosť
Amiche mie
Attrazione selvaggia
Brillantina Rock
Crema cioccolato e pa...prika
Diabo na Cama, O
Dottoressa ci sta col colonello, La
Dottoressa preferisce i marinai, La
Femmine in fuga
Gay Salomé
Giovani, belle... probabilmente ricche
Insegnante al mare con tutta la classe, L'
Italiani a Rio
Liceale, La
Moglie, due amici, quattro amanti, Una
Napoli si ribella
Nudo e selvaggio
Poliziotti violenti
Quella peste di Pierina
Sangraal, la spada di fuoco
Sette ore di violenza per una soluzione imprevista
Objím ma, otec !
Tre sotto il lenzuolo
All Steamed Up
Always a Gentleman
Andy in Hollywood
Andy's Hat in the Ring
Andy's Stump Speech
At Ease
At It Again
Blondes Beware
Cab Waiting
Detectives Wanted
Diplomats, The
Fast and Furious
Finn and Hattie
Fly Cop, The
Goose Flesh
Hick, The
Hired and Fired
Hot Curves
Howdy Duke
In Holland
It Might Be Worse
Knights Out
Lucky Boy
Married Bachelor
Medicine Men, The
Meet the Boyfriend
Newly Rich
Oh! Min!
Oh! What a Day!
Papa's Boy
School Days
Sportsman, The
Stars Are Singing, The
Suitor, The
Sunny Skies
Uncle Bim's Gifts
Watch Papa
Bolo raz priatelstvo
Cesta nad oblaky
Keby som mal dievča
Lodníci bez mora
Ľudia pod Vihorlatom
Niekedy v novembri
Očami kamery
Panna zázračnica
Poznačení tmou
Šiesta veta
Stredoeurópský pohár 1955
Studené podnebie (TV film)
Tu kráčajú tragédie
Jimmy Tupper vs. the Goatman of Bowie
Zlaté časy
Moje kone vrané (TV seriál)
13º è sempre Giuda, Il
Addio sogni di gloria
Buco in fronte, Un
Canzoni in... bikini
Con lui cavalca la morte
Due lagrime
Giovane canaglia
Infame accusa
Mamma perdonami
Padrina, La
Ricatto di un padre, Il
Urban Warriors
Vendetta dei barbari, La
Invasion of the Star Creatures
Un 32 août sur terre
Jivin' in Be-Bop
Marching On!
40 Guns to Apache Pass
Adventures of Red Ryder
Apache Rose
Bells of Coronado
Bells of San Angelo
Border Saddlemates
Cool and the Crazy, The
Daredevils of the Red Circle
Darktown Strutters
Dick Tracy Returns
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.
Down Dakota Way
Down Laredo Way
Drums of Fu Manchu
Eyes of Texas
Far Frontier, The
Fighting Devil Dogs
Fighting Devil Dogs, The
Gay Ranchero, The
Golden Stallion, The
Grand Canyon Trail
Hawk of the Wilderness
Headline Hunters
Heart of the Rockies
Heroes of the Saddle
Hi-Yo Silver
I Escaped from Devil's Island
In Old Amarillo
Iron Mountain Trail
King of the Mounties
King of the Texas Rangers
Last Musketeer, The
Lone Ranger Rides Again, The
Lone Ranger, The
Lost Island of Kioga (TV film)
Mysterious Doctor Satan
Night Time in Nevada
North of the Great Divide
Nyoka and the Lost Secrets of Hippocrates (TV film)
Old Oklahoma Plains
On the Old Spanish Trail
Outcast, The
Outlaws of Pine Ridge
Painted Stallion, The
Pals of the Golden West
Panama Sal
Paratroop Command
Perils of Nyoka
Roll on Texas Moon
Shadows of Tombstone
South of Caliente
South Pacific Trail
Spoilers of the Plains
Springtime in the Sierras
Strange Adventure, A
Sunset in the West
Susanna Pass
Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion
Trail of Robin Hood
Trigger Trio, The
Trigger, Jr.
Twilight in the Sierras
Under California Stars
WAC From Walla, Walla, The
Zorro Rides Again
Zorro Rides Again
Zorro's Fighting Legion
Adventures of Fu Manchu, The (TV seriál)
Coronado 9 (TV seriál)
Disneyland (TV seriál)
Frontier Circus (TV seriál)
Frontier Doctor (TV seriál)
Rescue 8 (TV seriál)
State Trooper (TV seriál)
Stories of the Century (TV seriál)
Tarzan (TV seriál)
Zorro (TV seriál)
Dashuria e fundit
E diela e fundit
Funeral Business
Një ditë nga një jetë
Kimera (video film)
Maetel Legend (video film)
Akage no An (TV seriál)
Cosmowarrior Zero (TV seriál)
Children of Fate: Life and Death in a Sicilian Family
Secrets of the Reef
Do Not Fold, Staple, Spindle, or Mutilate
Fastest Draw, The (TV film)
Green Helmet, The
Roosevelt Story, The
Secrets of the Pirates' Inn (TV film)
Time to Sing, A
Violent Enemy, The
Leave It to Larry (TV seriál)
Cinema Verité: Rozhodujúca chvíľa
Libera me
Old Lady's Camping Trip, The
Amityville: A New Generation (video film)
Forgotten One, The
Hometown Legend
MacShayne: Winner Takes All (TV film)
Shadow Warriors
Stepfather II
Cider with Rosie (TV film)
Face of a Stranger
Invasion: UFO
Swallows and Amazons
Cakes and Ale (TV seriál)
Arabian Love
Brass Bottle, The
Cinderella of the Hills
Domestic Relations
Flame of Youth
Harriet and the Piper
Heart of a Siren, The
Shooting of Dan McGrew, The
White Monkey, The
White Moth, The
Acadie, l'Acadie, L'
Beau plaisir, Le
Enfants du néant, Les
Enfants du silence, Les
Eye Witness No. 101
Freedom to Move, A
Lutte, La
Ordres, Les
Pour la suite du monde
Quand je serai parti... vous vivrez encore
Québec-U.S.A. ou L'invasion pacifique
Raquetteurs, Les
Shabbot Shalom (TV film)
Temps perdu, Le
Éloge du chiac
Brooklyn Bridge
Congress, The (TV film)
Huey Long
Children's Midsummer Night's Dream, The
Stories from a Flying Trunk
Čeleď brouků finančníků (TV film)
Jana Eyrová (TV seriál)
O Nesytovi (TV film)
O Ječmínkovi (TV film)
Dokud máš maminku
Šťastlivec Sulla (TV film)
Velká sázka o malé pivo (TV film)
Nezralé maliny (TV film)
Doktor z vejminku (TV seriál)
Past (TV film)
Akcia Edelstein
Blízke diaľavy
Access to the Children (TV film)
Angus Slowly Sinking? (TV film)
Barretts of Wimpole Street, The (TV film)
Before the Party (TV film)
Fall of the Goat (TV film)
Getting In (TV film)
It Couldn't Happen Here
Kings Cross (TV film)
Mozart 1991
Painting Faces
Place of One's Own, A (TV film)
Room 13 (TV film)
Six Faces: Gallery of Faces (TV film)
Six Faces: True Life (TV film)
Tomorrow Just You Wait (TV film)
Tragedy of Coriolanus, The (TV film)
Tre colonne in cronaca
When We Are Married (TV film)
Widower, The (TV film)
You Talk Too Much (TV film)
Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull (TV seriál)
Crezz, The (TV seriál)
Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling, The (TV seriál)
Man Who Lived at the Ritz, The (TV seriál)
Shroud for a Nightingale (TV seriál)
Thicker Than Water (TV seriál)
Woman Named Jackie, A (TV seriál)
Mello's Kaleidoscope
Best of Intimate Sessions Vol. 2, The (video film)
Vplyv tela 2
Spovede tanečnice
Emanuela 2000: Bytosť Emanuela (video film)
Emanuela 2000: Emanuela a umenie milovať (video film)
Emanuela 2000: Emanuelin šperk (video film)
Erotek Dimensions (video film)
Smrť za lásku
Madam Savant
Passion and Romance: Same Tale, Next Year
Hry vášne (TV film)
Running From the Shadows
Scandal: Sweet Revenge
Scandal: The Big Turn On
Tajné miesta
Pamelin princíp 2
Chov husí v Libuši u Prahy
Sex Files: Creating the Perfect Man
Sex Files: Pleasureville
Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched
Sexual Intrigue (video film)
Bozk sirény
Wicked Temptations (video film)
Word of Mouth
Desirable Liaisons (TV seriál)
Aborto criminal
Adiós, querida mamá
Alas rotas
Araña y cierra España
Asignatura pendiente
Buen amor, El
Casa de las Chivas, La
Casa de los Martínez, La
Ragazza di Via Condotti , La
Color de las nubes, El
Constance aux enfers
Cuestión de suerte
Cuidado con las personas formales
Culpable żde qué?
Del amor y de la muerte
Dos mil dólares por Coyote
Días de Cabirio, Los
Espuela, La
Gallos de pelea
Guapa, rica y... especial
Historia de amor, Una
Historia de una noche
Ibéricas F.C., Las
Inmorales, Los
Juego de amor prohibido
Locos vecinos del 2º, Los
Mar, El
Marginadas, Las
Misterio de Cynthia Baird, El
Mon ami Washington
Morir de miedo
Mujer del ministro, La
Niñas... al salón
No matarás
Novios búlgaros, Los
Otra alcoba, La
Placeres ocultos, Los
Protegidas, Las
Redada, La
Rocío de La Mancha
Sacerdote, El
Semilla de muerte
Terranova (TV film)
Trasplante de un cerebro
Vengador de asesinos
Venus de fuego
Violación, La
Vivancos 3
Vuelta de El Coyote, La
Último viaje, El
Últimos golpes de 'El Torete', Los
Forja de un rebelde, La (TV seriál)
Zámocký hotel Orth (TV seriál)
Jagd auf den Plastiktüten-Mörder (TV film)
Mallorca - Suche nach dem Paradies (TV seriál)
Battle Dome (TV seriál)
Mountain Family Robinson
Fiend, The
Long Day's Dying, The
Penthouse, The
Atómové tornádo (TV film)
Beyond Suspicion (TV film)
Sliediči (TV film)
Vražda na pretekoch (TV film)
Dead Aim
Delicate Instruments
Family Comedy Hour (TV film)
Gentle Ben (TV film)
Dobrák Ben: Nebezpečenstvo v horách (TV film)
Lake Desire
Harlequin: Recept na pomstu (TV film)
Three the Hard Way
Two of Hearts (TV film)
Carly's Web (TV film)
Rodinné stretnutie - hotová nočná mora (TV film)
Hoboken Chicken Emergency, The (TV film)
If Ever I See You Again
No Deposit, No Return
Sacred Fire, The
Sherman Oaks (TV seriál)
Brothers by Choice (TV film)
Gold: A Fistful of Gold (TV film)
Gold: Frenchie's Gold (TV film)
Gold: The Dynamiters (TV film)
Gold: The Merchants of Venus (TV film)
Gold: The World's Play (TV film)
Zločiny podľa Mary Higgins Clarkovej: Miluje hudbu, rád tancuje (TV film)
Moving of Sophia Myles, The (TV film)
Pray for Me, Paul Henderson (TV film)
Learning the Ropes (TV seriál)
Maxie's World (TV seriál)
Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy (TV seriál)
FBI: Prípady Sue Thomasovej (TV seriál)
Undergrads (TV seriál)
Alle man på post
Brott i paradiset
Bruden kom genom taket
Candida (TV film)
Charlotte Löwensköld
Dansa, min docka...
Det svänger på slottet
Det är aldrig för sent
Du är mitt äventyr
Falska millionären
Flickan från tredje raden
Flottans glada gossar
Fluga gör ingen sommar, En
Fröken April
Fästman i taget, En
Fästmö uthyres
General von Döbeln
Gustav III (TV film)
Handen på hjärtat (TV film)
Hans livs match
Hans nåds testamente (TV film)
Hennes melodi
Himmel och pannkaka
Hissen som gick ner i helvetet (TV film)
Hittebarnet (TV film)
Hjältar i gult och blått
Här kommer vi...
I som här inträden...
I väntrummet (TV film)
Jag dräpte
Karl för sin hatt
Krigsmans erinran
Kristin kommenderar
Kvartetten som sprängdes
Kyssen på kryssen
Lev farligt
Lilla Märta kommer tillbaka
Livat på luckan
Medan porten var stängd
Min kära är en ros
Min syster och jag
Mitt folk är icke ditt
Mot nya tider
Natt i hamn
Nattens ljus
Nina (TV film)
Nyordning på Sjögårda
Näsan (TV film)
Oppåt med gröna hissen
Pappa Bom
Pappa sökes
Pappa varför är du arg? Du gjorde likadant själv när du var ung
Peggy på vift
Pygmalion (TV film)
Pälsen (TV film)
Seger i mörker
Sissan (TV film)
Sjunde himlen
Skepp ohoj!
Skolka skolan
Soldat Bom
Red Dwarf: Dwarfing USA (video film)
Spöksonaten (TV film)
Svensk tiger, En
Syskonbädd 1782
Säg det med blommor
Tunneln (TV film)
Två kvinnor
Var sin väg
Vi som går scenvägen
Vi tre debutera
Vi två
Violenza al sole
Vita katten, Den
Älskande par
Äventyrare, En
Någonstans i Sverige (TV seriál)
Full Blossom: The Life of Poet - Actor Roberts Blossom
Please Stand by
Witches of Salem: The Horror and the Hope, The
Between Us Girls
Bride of the Colorado, The
Captain of the Guard
Last Warning, The
Man-Made Woman
My Lips Betray
One Heavenly Night
Orchids to You
Road to Happiness
Rose of the Rancho
Shepherd of the Hills, The
Sixth Commandment, The
So This Is Marriage?
Song of the West
Water Hole, The
We Americans
A morte! Signor ladro
Altri tempi
Altro io, L'
Amica, L'
Amor enemigo
Arabian Infamy
Fauno di marmo, Il
Figlia di Jorio, La
Floretta e Patapon
Ma l'amor mio non muore
Maschera che ride, La
Mater dolorosa
Mentre il pubblico ride
Milione, Il
Morte piange, ride e poi..., La
Nerone e Agrippina
Pantomima della morte, La
Papà Lebonnard
Passa la ruina
Pero tu amor me redime
Pupille nell'ombra
Rifugio dell'alba, Il
Strage degli innocenti, La
Stretta, La
Tacchino, Il
Teodoro e socio
Treno degli spettri, Il
Trittico, Il
Via del peccato, La
...e così divennero i tre supermen del West
Brigadiere Pasquale Zagaria ama la mamma e la polizia, Il
Casinista, Il
Che fanno i nostri supermen tra le vergini della giungla?
I pirati dell'isola verde
Dieci gladiatori, I
Dollaro bucato, Un
Fantastici tre supermen, I
Enzo Ferrari (TV film)
Figli di Zanna Bianca, I
Fünf vor zwölf in Caracas
Grande racket, Il
Spartacus e gli invincibili 10 gladiatori
Joan Lui - ma un giorno nel paese arrivo io di lunedì
Käfer auf Extratour, Ein
Lotosblüten für Miss Quon
Mille dollari sul nero
Zelené peklo
Pierino il fichissimo
Più grande rapina nel west, La
Settimana bianca, La
Sotto a chi tocca!
Storia di karatè, pugni e fagioli
Tre supermen a Santo Domingo
Tre supermen contro il padrino
Trionfo dei dieci gladiatori, Il
Ursus, il gladiatore ribelle
Verrückteste Auto der Welt, Das
Zwei tolle Käfer räumen auf
¡Caray, qué palizas!
Posadnutosť (TV film)
Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (TV seriál)
Lorca (TV film)
Caballero Don Quijote, El
Lucrecia: crónica de un secuestro
Mascara de Diijon
Motivos de Berta: Fantasía de Pubertad, Los
Sal de la vida, La
Teo el pelirrojo
Trece campanadas
Archangel Thunderbird (TV film)
Big Game, The (TV film)
Hellraiser: Návrat mŕtvych (video film)
Hellraiser: Vyslanec pekla (video film)
Hellraiser: Hellworld (video film)
In-Laws, The
Ženy z Windsoru (TV film)
Cartoline italiane
Casa 5, La
Lost City, The
Midsummer Night's Dream, A (TV film)
Muro di gomma, Il
Naufraghi sotto costa
Strana storia di Olga O., La
Amour descend du ciel, L'
Aragosta a colazione
Autre côté de la mer, L'
Bonne planque, La (TV film)
Chasse royale, La
Chien fou, Le
Dom Juan ou Le festin de Pierre (TV film)
Double inconstance, La (TV film)
Délit mineur
Eaux mêlées, Les (TV film)
Enfant du dimanche, L' (TV film)
Ennemis, Les
Fio do Horizonte, O
Haute tension - Eaux troubles (TV film)
Léopard, Le
Menteurs, Les
Misère et la gloire, La (TV film)
Mystère de la chambre jaune, Le (TV film)
Pierrot la tendresse
Portrait de Marianne, Le
Prix du silence, Le (TV film)
Quando la coppia scoppia
Rallye Paris - Dakar
Soraya (TV film)
Soupe aux poulets, La
Souper, Le
Taule, La
Ténors, Les
Union sacrée, L'
Équipe ou Le roman des fortifs, L' (TV film)
État sauvage, L'
Franck Keller (TV seriál)
Juste, Le (TV seriál)
Dream House (TV film)
Time at the Top
Zločiny z úsilia (TV film)
Wall of Silence (TV film)
Na útěku
Champs (TV seriál)
Reggie (TV seriál)
Dark Descent
Klon draka (video film)
Eating Las Vegas
Náhle úmrtia
Zem Apačov
Big Caper, The
Bitter Heritage
Domino Kid
Gioco delle spie, Il
Hired Gun, The
Looters, The
Makin' It
Muchacha del Nilo, La
Operación Dalila
Return of the Frontiersman
Revenge of Bigfoot
Rogue River
Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force
Silver Whip, The
Smokey and the Judge
Thunder in Carolina
Treasure of Monte Cristo, The
Virgenes de la nueva ola, Las
Ama a tu prójimo
Amor empieza a medianoche, El
Besos prohibidos
Canto de la cigarra, El
Casa de la Troya, La
Caserío, El
Corazón solitario
Correo de Indias
Corsario, El
Diana cazadora, La
Dos hombres van a morir
Doña Francisquita
Due croci a Danger Pass
Edad de la tentación, La
Escándalo, El
Esposas infieles
Fuerza del deseo, La
Genio alegre, El
Gitana tenías que ser
Grande notte di Ringo, La
Hombre que las enamora, El
Hombre que quiso ser pobre, El
Infieles, Las
Lo que no se puede perdonar
Maternidad imposible
Mi adorado salvaje
Mi marido
Mister X
Monte de piedad
Mujer de cabaret, Una
Mujer de todos, La
Mujer del otro, La
Muralla, La
Médico de guardia
Música de ayer
Ni Chana, ni Juana
Orlak, el infierno de Frankenstein
Otra residencia, La
Piña madura
Proceso a Jesús
Pueblo sin Dios, El
Romance de fieras
Ruiseñor del barrio, El
Sueño de amor, Un
Taxi de los conflictos, El
Tierra y cielo
Vida empieza a medianoche, La
Vorágine, La
Killer, adios
Yugo, El
Ángel o demonio
Último cuplé, El
Último húsar, El
Carrusel (TV seriál)
Cicatrices del alma (TV seriál)
Colorina (TV seriál)
Rosa salvaje (TV seriál)
Adam est... Ève
Hor sa do boja!
Amour trop fort, L'
Art d'être courtier, L'
Au théâtre ce soir: Adieu Berthe (TV film)
B ako Bolo (TV film)
Bataille du feu, La
Bille de clown
Bonheur en location
Bouvard et Pécuchet (TV film)
Brute, La
Cahiers bleus, Les (TV film)
Carnassiers, Les (TV film)
Cartouche roi de Paris
Ces sacrées vacances
Chambre 108, La
Conte à regler
Crime d'Ovide Plouffe, Le
Des quintuplés au pensionnat
Destin exécrable de Guillemette Babin, Le
Destin s'amuse, Le
Diamant de cent sous, Le
Dieu a besoin des hommes
Double vie de Théophraste Longuet, La (TV film)
Drôle de noce
Du poulet
Duraton, Les
Eugénie Grandet (TV film)
Femmes sont folles, Les
François Villon
Gueule de l'emploi, La
Idiots, Les (TV film)
Il y a longtemps que je t'aime
Ingénu, L'
Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
Louve, La
Mademoiselle et son gang
Mirage dangereux (TV film)
Miss Mona
Mon curé champion du régiment
Mystères de Paris, Les
Mémoires de la vache Yolande, Les
Ne m'oubliez pas: Hommage à Bernard Blier (TV film)
On demande un bandit
Parfum de la dame en noir, Le
Patronne, La
Piédalu député
Pleure pas la bouche pleine
Portrait de Jacques Dufilho (TV film)
Périgord noir
Quatre sergents du Fort Carré, Les
Roulez jeunesse!
Sanglots longs, Les (TV film)
Sortie interdite (TV film)
Tir à vue
Tombé du ciel
Tournée des Grands Ducs, La
Tribunal des flagrants délires, Le (TV film)
Trois de la marine
Trois morts à zéro (TV film)
Un client sérieux (TV film)
Vie du bon côté, La (TV seriál)
Vingt ans d'absence (TV film)
Visconte di Bragelonne, Il
Vouivre, La
Yeux fermés, Les
Âge de Monsieur est avancé, L'
Étonnements d'un couple moderne, Les (TV film)
Graine d'ortie (TV seriál)
Histoires insolites (TV seriál)
Jane Eyre
Right to Live, The
Stronger Sex, The
Climb, The
Dove, The
House of Evil (TV film)
Must Be Santa (TV film)
Odvrátená tvár hôr II
Apple Pie (TV seriál)
Forever Fernwood (TV seriál)
Idols of the Game (TV seriál)
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (TV seriál)
Opreteky s časom (TV film)
Looking Back (TV film)
Dr. Death: Seeker of Souls
Exiled in America
Forbidden Love (TV film)
Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain (TV film)
Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess (TV film)
Thirsty Dead, The
Marion du Faouët (TV film)
Mlode Wilki 1/2
Brita i grosshandlarhuset
Brott och straff
Det går an (TV film)
Det sägs på stan
Fram för lilla Märta
Hamlet (TV film)
Hanna i societén
Herre med portfölj
I dödens väntrum
Livet är stenkul
Lågor i dunklet
Med livet som insats
När ungdomen vaknar
Ola och Julia
Ole dole doff
Prästen som slog knockout
På en bänk i en park